Avaaz Petition to “End the war on drugs”


Avaaz has put online a petition to regulate the use of Cannabis globally. They have reached more than half a million people world wide and will now turn in the petition to the UN Headquarters to make them finally think about legalisation and regulation.

Even though the petition has reached it’s goal I encourage each and every reader to sign the petition to make even more of an impact.



Simple steps to help the cannabis legalisation process


So you want pot to be legalised here throughout Europe? But what can each person (interested in legalising cannabis) do to help the movement? With this post I am trying to put together simple steps everybody can take to help. This article is no full guideline and I would really appreciate if you have more points to add to the post that you let me and all the other readers know about your ideas. That being said let’s jump into it.

  • Tell your weed smoking friends about the great medical use of cannabis. Let them know how Marijuana makes a lot of people’s lives better and less painful.
  • Engage in discussions about the legalisation of cannabis. We want the people to start talking about it so more attention is drawn to our legalisation ideas.
  • Read books, news sites and articles about the topic to stay up to date and to be ahead of others while in a discussion.
  • Watch documentaries about cannabis. To be informed and if you like the ideas that are being mentioned consider passing them on to friends via social networks.
  • Ask people around you how they see the prohibition of pot and try to convince them that it isn’t that harmful (no one has ever died of an overdose)
  • Help me writing articles for this blog 🙂

So those are just some small ideas and steps you can take to make people in your environment more aware of this great substance that can be used for so many great things.

Again if you want to add something just let us all know through the comment box below.



Cannabis use as medecine

Cannabis shows a lot of medical value to our modern society. Compared to pharma drugs like painkillers or sleeping pills, Marijuana does not come with the negative side effects that can occur when using painkillers or other strong medication. Marijuana can be used to treat a variety of diseases and that by being far, far (I mean it) far less dangerous than drugs prescribed on a regular basis.

From The Lancet, “There are no confirmed published cases worldwide of human deaths from cannabis poisoning, and the dose of THC required to produce 50% mortality in rodents is extremely high compared with other commonly used drugs”.

This statement of course is not good for the pharmaceutic industry as their medicine that they developed for years and put millions of Euros in would be of no use anymore. Even worse, they would be considered as dangerous and harmful. So it is absolutely understandable that this industry wants to keep Cannabis prohibited but what is the cost? Yes this billion Euro industry could lose a lot of money but is that really worth it? Do people have to be medicated with chemical products that show side effects to save an industry? No. If Marijuana would be made legally available a lot of people could gain a lot of life quality by using Marijuana (with almost none side effects) compared to all the side effects they’d have being treated with drugs.

In researches it has been shown that Cannabis can help in a lot of different medical areas:

  1. pain relief
  2. glaucoma
  3. spasticity in multiple sclerosis
  4. alzheimer’s disease
  5. breast cancer
  7. brain cancer
  8. and much more

Those are just a few of the areas where Marijuana can be used as a SAFE treatment.

Thank you for reading and don’t stop here if you want to know more about this topic surf the web there have been a lot of studies on this topic which I could never cover all on this site.



Hi there it is great to see you have found your way to this blog and I really want to thank you for stopping by, reading some articles, inform yourself, maybe contribute and help to finally legalise Cannabis in Europe.

I have been surfing through the Internet and only found activism websites in the US or Canada. There the movement has started some time ago and with more and more states legalising medical Cannabis, the first success stories have been written already.

In Europe however we are (as often) very slow in changing and maybe we are too lazy? That’s why I haven’t found any website of an organisation trying to legalise Marijuana (whether it is for medical or recreational use) in Europe. I think it is very sad that the European citizens don’t stand up and fight for their right of freedom. Each and everyone of us can make a change in how the politics see Cannabis and in how law handles it.

Of course one could argue now that in Europe the laws on cannabis possession and use are not too extreme and that the Police is not really enforcing those laws. But if that is true and if Cannabis is tolerated in our countries today, then let me ask this: Why shouldn’t it be legal tomorrow?

This website has been created to inform Europeans about Cannabis, it’s medical use and the criminals and gangs involved in it. I will try and gather as much information as possible. The time has come to change it, we shall no longer be treated like we were stupid.

I will be very happy for every helping hand I can get gathering information, staying up to date and writing articles. I am not going to do this full time by any mean and that’s why you should not be looking for daily updates, but I will try and do my best to let each and every European citizen know that never, in the history of mankind, any person has been killed by using Cannabis.

This website is by no mean a try to lead people to using Cannabis when it is illegal in their country. It should be a source of information.